"One of the surest tests [of the superiority or inferiority of a poet] is the way in which a poet borrows. Immature poets imitate; mature poets steal; bad poets deface what they take, and good poets make it into something better, or at least something different. The good poet welds his theft into a whole of feeling which is unique, utterly different than that from which it is torn; the bad poet throws it into something which has no cohesion."


Let's all be good thieves together.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Upcoming Stories

I just realised how many stories I'm actually planning to write in the near future so I've decided to provide a list, in no particular order, with the current status of each.

Love is a Goat - On hold for the moment. I think I know how to get around the block but I want to take care of one or two other stories before I go back to it.

Game Over: A tale of the Brotherhood of Editors - Just started and about 250 words in. I'm going back to the third person narrative with this piece as I feel I need more experience with that, mainly due to most of my recent work being first person.

Secret Ethereal Gazette Project - Almost completed my initial draft, but all details are being held by the editor. It should be fun and educational though if we can pull it off.

Undeath Row - The idea feels solid enough but this one is on the back burner for now until I can get some feedback.

Damnation Observes - I like the title and I have a rough idea about voyeurism which may change depending on how I feel after looking at the reviews and the few pages of Nicky's Damnation Observes that Google turned up.

Nickolaus Kane and The House of Spiders - We have an idea so Nickolaus Kane, sex detective is coming back folks.

Culwch's Seat - A fantasy story that I've had the first paragraph or so of sitting in a word document for over a year. I'm determined to finish it in the next two months.

Nickolaus Kane in Frankie goes to Hollyweird - All I have is a very sketchy idea. So whether or not this happens will depend entirely on how I feel The House of Spiders pans out, since that will be my first sequel story.

The Library of Bones - Necromancy, necrophilia and a hidden library of arcane tomes? The idea needs to stew more before I begin work on this one I think.

Ghosts of War - A WWII crow fan-fic is something that I have to admit appeals to me, but whether or not I'll be able to do it justice is another thing entirely.

And there you have it folks, between real life and writing I'm going to be a busy beaver over the next month or two. I think I'll put up a poll to see which story people are most interested in.


Jenny said...

Decisions, decisions. I really did like your take on Nickolaus Kane...and yet "Game Over" is so ripe for, um, reinterpretation that I had to pick that one.

Lewis said...

Thanks for the input and I do intend to get to every story on that list at some point or another. Writing's been a bit like pulling teeth the last week or so though, which means progress has been slim. I also have something a little different in mind for Game Over, a lesson for Nicky as to the kind of mind I have, but unfortunately that adds to the time it'll take before I post.

Nickolaus Pacione said...

hey coward, how long do you plan on STEALING my content. My novella isn't even done and you're planning to plagiarize the thing before the ink is even dry on it. Do you think people are going to be convinced that those stories are your titles. You're a sad act and I will see to it that you NEVER be able to find employment in scotland and I already have a few editors informed of what you're doing -- forget about getting published.

Lewis said...

Oh Nickypoos, are you 100% sure that my name is Lewis? Or that if I ever submitted a story that I wouldn't submit it under a different name, say Armand Delacouer? Not to mention if I ever write a story I think is worth submitting it will be completely original and my cover letter will make absolutely no mention of this blog.

And while I appreciate the thought I wasn't planning on using you for a reference so I doubt you'll be able to have any effect on my jobhunting from your little den in Morris, Illinois.

Lewis said...

And while I'm thinking about it why are you the only person who has ever posted on my blog claiming I'm a plagiarist? Really, everyone else who bothered to compare the stories has agreed that they're completely different.

Ah well, by the way I've been in a bit of a funk lately so I haven;t been checking this blog as much, just luck I caught your comment today, if you want to get in touch with me you'll probably have better results dropping me a line on my Vampire Freaks account.

Jenny said...

Of course, he'll have to wait until June 6 to drop you line because, as we all know, he got suspended for being a jackass - which is really the same thing as being himself.

cussedness said...


Come over and correct my Britishisms, your wit is required.

Anonymous said...

Lewis, email me

Nickolaus Pacione said...

Come up with your own fucking material and titles you fucking scumbag. Or are you that faggoty that you can't even do that? The real I.O.W.A. is finally published and no not that faggot story you wrote stealing from my ideas and shit -- maybe you and David Boyer should cowrite. Since you can't come up with ideas of your own and neither can he. You can even submit to the dead publisher Panic Press as I am using her company like a urinal cake as I speak.